Guidebooks provide readers with overviews of trails, but sometimes they miss a few things, so this blog is here to highlight some trail aspects that we think are worthwhile.

Ratings are based out of a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 = Low and 5 = High.

  1. Scenery:  Views, special features and whatnots.
  2. Difficulty:  Noting any especially difficult spots or issues.
  3. Length:  mileage
  4. Dog Friendly Factor: As a dog owners, we’ve found that certain trails are much more dog friendly than others, which we learned the hard way after an my  Ezra, had a freakout in the middle of a suspension bridge at Fall Creek Falls.  This rates the dog friendliness of trails and highlights any notable features or problems.
  5. Convenience:  Based on distance from Nashville, TN and highlighting any issues with roads or directions.
  6. Bonus Funtimes:  Extra good times, activities & good eats that are along the way.


TrailSceneryDifficultyDistanceConvenienceDog FriendlinessBonus Funtimes
Couchville Lake Trail2.
Emerald Lake Trail5.
Gilbert Gaul Trail2.
Sky Pond and Lake of Glass5.
Grays Peak5.
Cummins Falls3.
Laurel Falls Trail3.
Alum Cave Trail4.
Stinging Fork Falls State Natural Area3.
Bryant Grove Trail2.
Stones River Battlefield2.
West Rim Loop Trail4.
Gorge Overlook Trails2.
Shelby Bottoms Greenway2.
Stones River Greenway2.
Old Stone Fort Loop2.
Short Springs State Natural Area3.
Old Hickory Nature Trail2.
Bledsoe Creek State Park Loop2.
Rogers Walk Trail2.
Bells Bend Loop Trail2.
Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail2.
Laurel Falls3.
Millenium Trail at Edgar Evins3.
Barfield Wilderness3.
Stone Door Trail4.03.510.
Narrows of the Harpeth3.
Flat Rock Cedar Glades2.
Yellow Mountain Trail3.
Savage Day Loop3.
Lakeside Trail1.
Jones Mill Trail2.
Radnor Lake2.
Glen Falls3.
Honey Creek Loop4.
Hidden Springs2.
Hidden Passage Loop3.
River View Trail3.
Harpeth Woods Trail2.
Meriwether Lewis Loop3.
Devil's Backbone Loop3.
Mossy Ridge Trail3.
Virgin Falls3.
Perimeter Trail2.
Volunteer Day Loop3.
Greeter Falls3.
North Loop @ MBSP2.
Southwest Loop @ MBSP2.
Warner Woods3.
Pinnacle Trail1.5274.02.5-10
Mill Creek Greenway1.
Ridgetop Trail2.
Paw Paw Trail3.


4 thoughts on “Trails

  1. Taylor says:

    Be sure to check out the two trails at the Fontanel Mansion and Farm! They love dogs there!

  2. Brit says:

    Just wanted to say I love this. And also if you head up north, Dunbar Cave in Clarksville has a couple great hiking trails

    • amylaree says:

      Thanks, Brit! It’s been a lot of fun checking out all these trails. And thanks for the Dunbar Cave recommendation. I hadn’t heard of that one. We’ll check it out!

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