National Dog Day!

August 28, 2013 in Other

National Dog Day!

Well, we missed this boat by a couple of days but it’s never too late to celebrate the hiker’s best friend, right? August 26 was National Dog Day! Sorry we missed it, Ezra and Coltrane, we’ll make it up to you!

The folks behind National Dog Day created a list of 50 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day and it’s safe to say that most of these apply to every day, not just one day a year. Somehow they left out “Take your dog on a hike.” Guess we know what suggestions we need to make for next year’s list.

If you’ve got a four legged hiking buddy, check out our trail review page to find a dog-friendly trail. Give your  pooch a few extra pets and make a promise to the both of you to get out on the trails in (belated) honor of National Dog Day!

Ez O. and Coltrane

Happy National Dog Day to our favorite furries – Ezra O. & Coltrane