Memorial Day Weekend Prep: Tips for Happy Camping

May 23, 2013 in Tips & Recommendations

Keep your campers happy this Memorial Day Weekend.

Keep your campers happy this Memorial Day Weekend.

Summertime is here! As you dust off the camping gear, this is a great time to review a few simple tips to keep your Memorial Day Weekend camping memorable for all the right reasons.

  1. Don’t let the sun get the best of you. It’s great to get some rays but make sure to do it in moderation. Drink plenty of water, pack a hat and to keep slapping on that sunscreen, especially if you’re going to be active. Don’t let dehydration or a nasty burn ruin a good weekend.
  2. Buggin’ Out. Keep the ‘skeeters from eating you alive with bug spray or  these Off PowerPad Lanterns (our favorites) - they provide light while keeping the mosquitos and other gnarly bugs at bay much more effectively than standard citronella candles. We use two for a standard campground area and it makes a huge difference. Just be sure to bring enough of the refills for the entire weekend.
  3. Know where to go if Mother Nature turns ugly. Have fun while you’re out, but be sure to keep an eye on the weather. As we were all reminded this week, spring and summer storms can be brutal. When you get to your campground, check with the ranger to find out where the location of the nearest storm shelter. Make sure everyone in your crew knows where to go and what to do if the weather turns nasty.
  4. Did someone say “S’mores”?  Just the mention of the word “s’mores” will make even the crankiest camper a little bit happier, so be sure to pack plenty of jumbo marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates. Check out our ideas for gourmet s’mores if you’re looking to up your campfire game.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Let us know where you’re going and how your trip goes!