What People Think Hikers Do

February 19, 2012 in Hiking Community by amylaree

Just when I thought I’d gotten tired of all of the “What People Think I Do” pics, someone creates one that’s right up our alley… Thanks to HikingBoots.com for this one…

what people think I do

What People Think Hikers Do

New Stuff for Marking My Territory in 2012

January 30, 2012 in Hiking Community by amylaree

The first month of 2012 is nearly over (did this month fly by as fast for everyone as it did for us?!?), so this update on what we’ll be doing with Marking My Territory (MMT) in 2012 is well-over due.  First off, thanks to everyone – old friends and new – for your support!  January has brought us the most blog visits to date and we’re looking forward to keeping that positive momentum the rest of the year.

Just in time to support this new traffic, we’re also graduating from a wordpress URL to our own domain name – very exciting status update for us.  You can now easily find us at www.MarkingMyTerritory.com.

Between work, home & other obligations, we’re not always able to get out and hike as much as we’d like. That’s why we’ve decided to broaden the topics on MMT this year.  In 2012 we’ll be rotating through a variety of themes throughout the year, but a few that you can expect to see in coming weeks include:

  • Camp Recipes - first post on this was last week – Campfire Baked Cinnamon Apples, anyone?
  • Product Reviews – between the dog needs and human needs, we’ve learned a few things about the product quality and reliability and will share our experiences with everything from leashes to tents to power bars and more
  • Outdoorsy Commentary – from learning experiences to dog topics to trail etiquette and legislation issues, there’s a lot that’s worth sharing

So that’s a recap of what you’ll see coming around the bend.  Thanks again to everyone for your support.  We’re having lot of fun… and hope you are, too.



Protect Trail Funding: An Open Letter to Senators Alexander & Corker

January 16, 2012 in Hiking Community, Other by amylaree

Pardon us while we get a little political for a few minutes.  Our friends at TrailsNet.com posted a very important update about federal funding cuts to Recreational Trail Program funding.  This is an open letter to our senators to keep these cuts from occurring.  Many thanks to TrailsNet.com and the Council for Recreational Trails for bringing this to light.

Please write, email or call both of your Senators.  Here’s a link if you need it:  http://www.senate.gov/.  Here’s a copy of the email we just sent them… Feel free to repurpose it for your senators.


Senators Corker and Alexander,

As your constituent I am asking you to amend MAP-21 to include dedicated funding for RTP.

I was immensely disheartened to learn of the threat to cut funding to the Recreational Trails Program. As a Tennessean you understand the impact of supporting natural resources in the community. You’ve seen the changes that occurred in a town like Chattanooga when its natural resources were supported, you should especially understand this. And now the Senate is threatening to eliminate this useful program.

These are trails people throughout the state use every weekend. If you haven’t been on one in a while, I suggest you check them out – if you need help finding one, here’s our blog that has reviews for trails throughout Tennessee: http://markingmyterritory.wordpress.com

As your constituent I am asking you to amend MAP-21 to include dedicated funding for RTP.

- For the last two decades, RTP has received a portion of the gas taxes paid by users of off-highway motorized vehicles to fund trail building, maintenance and other trail-related projects. More than 13,000 projects have been funded across the country for all kinds of trail uses. THIS IS A VERY SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM.

- At its current level of annual funding – $85 million – RTP receives less than 42% of the Federal Highway Administration’s conservative estimate of the federal gas taxes paid by America’s nonhighway recreationists. The Senate bill would reduce that percentage to zero and represents a substantial new tax on motorized recreation enthusiasts. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

- The return of gas taxes to trail users through the RTP is in keeping with the user-pay, user-benefit philosophy of the Highway Trust Fund. Ending dedicated funding for RTP takes these gas taxes away from the people who pay them. ENDING DEDICATED FUNDING FOR RTP IS BAD PUBLIC POLICY AND JUST PLAIN WRONG.

- Here is an article from the Orlando Sentinel from a couple months ago that shows that Bike trails pumped $42M into Central Florida economy. Why would you not want to invest into Recreational trails? http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2011-10-17/news/os-trails-economic-impact-20111017_1_bike-trails-west-orange-trail-trail-users PROGRAMS LIKE RTP MAKE A MAJOR IMPACT ON LOCAL ECONOMIES AND SUPPORT JOB CREATION.

The RTP is the foundation of state trail programs. If the RTP loses its dedicated funding, organized trail planning and development will simply vanish in many areas of the country, as will the jobs they create.


Amy & Nate (Ezra and Coltrane, too)

Nashville, TN

Guest Blogging at Appalachia and Beyond

January 12, 2012 in Hiking Community, Tips & Recommendations by amylaree

appalachia and beyond

MMT Guest Post @ Appalachia & Beyond

Our friends over at Appalachia and Beyond recently welcomed a new member of to their family, Miss Dinah Marie!  As it goes with newborns, they haven’t been able to get out on the trail much in recent weeks, so we were lucky enough to write up a guest post for their blog, Appalachia and Beyond.

This post goes beyond trail reviews and really looks at factors that should be taken into account to ensure outings with your dogs are positive for both you — and your four-legged companion.

Avoiding these problems can be easy with some due diligence.  Do some quick research about the area you’ll be hiking in (make sure dogs are allowed – many state parks and nature preserves ban dogs), make sure your pup is in shape for what’s ahead, throw a water bowl and extra water in your pack then hit the trail.

Check out the entire post at Appalachia and Beyond.

A Big Thanks to Our Online Hiking Community – 50th Post!

December 22, 2011 in Hiking Community by amylaree

Marking My Territory

The MMT Crew

It took a little while longer to get here than expected (house renovations are a real impediment to getting outdoors!), but as we post our 50th blog (this is it!), we’ve got a new community to thank for a very warm welcome.  Many thanks to our fellow outdoor bloggers who’ve been a great inspiration to Marking My Territory (MMT).  A big thank you to…

We’re looking forward to broadening our posting topics and revamping the layout to improve usability in 2012 and expanding our network of fellow outdoorsy folks.

Thanks to everyone for your support this year and as we go forward!

- Amy, Nate, Coltrane & Ezra