Guest Blogging! 6 Tips for Hiking While Pregnant

September 18, 2013 in Hiking Community, Tips & Recommendations by amylaree

One of the most popular sets of posts on Marking My Territory has been the series I wrote about hiking while pregnant. We’re fortunate that Amelia at Tales of a Mountain Mama like them too, because I’m guest blogging today on her blog talking about what I learned while hiking with a bun in the oven. We are honored and excited to be guest blogging this week on this wonderful blog. Amelia and her crew live in Yellowstone and their commitment to getting outdoors with little ones in tow is inspiring.

Head over to Tales of a Mountain Mama to read my 6 Tips for Hiking While Pregnant and share your experiences in the comments!


Guest Blogging at Tales of a Mountain Mama. Got check it out!

National Trails Day Recap

June 2, 2013 in Hiking Community by amylaree

Hitting the Trails With Baby in Tow for National Trails Day
We hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy a trail or two this weekend to celebrate National Trails Day. We dodged rain showers but were able to get out for two low-key hikes this weekend: Volunteer Day Loop Trail at Longhunter State Park and the Lake Trail at Radnor Lake.

Where did you find yourself hiking this weekend?

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New Marking My Territory Website!

June 10, 2012 in Hiking Community by amylaree

We’ve hit record traffic levels in recent months (thanks to everyone for your interest and support!), and we know it’s important to continue to improve access to trail reviews, maps and some of our most popular posts. Over the last month we’ve been working to improve the usability and aesthetic of In addition to the new design, be sure to check these improvements and let us know what you think!

Marking My Territory Trail Map

Improvement #1: Trail Map Finder

Improvement #1: Trail Finder Map

One of my favorite improvements is the interactive map we’ve created to plot all the trails we’ve reviewed. The Trail Map Finder is found on the Trails page and is designed to give you a birds eye view of the trails that we’ve reviewed.

Simply click on the blue dot to learn more about the location. The trail name will pop up along with a link that will take you directly to that trail review page. Using Google Maps, we’ve plotted the exact trailhead coordinates, so if you’re interested in a certain trail, just click on it and hit “directions” to route yourself out to the trailhead.

Improvement #2: Interactive Trail Review Chart

Marking My Territory Trail Table

Improvement #2: Interactive Trail Review Chart

This one has been a long time in the making – we’ve been using the same criteria to rate trails since the blog began in 2009, but because of the previous platform that we were on, we couldn’t make the kind of usability improvements that would make finding the right trail easier and more intuitive. On our new Interactive Trail Review Chart, you can now self-select how to find the trails that may interest you the most. Now you can search by name and sort by criteria (in the example above I’ve searched for trails that only contain the word “river” and sorted them by difficulty level).

Marking My Territory Trail Map

Improvement #3: Trail Maps on Review Pages

Improvement #3: Trail Maps

Earlier this year we added a GPS tracker to our stash of hiking gear. Not only has this been a great tool for tracking progress, but now we’re able to share our exact hiking route on each Trail Review Page.

Click on the blue dot to get driving directions to the trailhead. Also, this interactive map allows you to view by 4 different view options:

  • Standard Road Map
  • Satellite View (shown in example image)
  • Terrain/Topographic Map
  • Google Earth View (must have Google Earth installed on your browser to view.

Improvement #4: Featured Posts

Marking My Territory Featured Post

Featured Camp Recipes

As our Camp Recipes page has become ever more popular, we integrated a featured post format that provides snapshots of the most recent recipes. Expect more improvements in the coming months to this page, especially as we more formally expand our “S’more of the Month” Series… dark chocolate & strawberries was just the beginning :)

Once you’ve had a chance to check out the changes, let us know what you think!


Amy and Nate

Make Your Plans! National Trails Day is June 2nd.

May 30, 2012 in Hiking Community by amylaree

National Trails Day

Make your plans for June 2

We’ve been hitting the trails pretty solidly the last several weeks, but in honor of National Trails Day, this Saturday we’ll trade in our hiking shoes for work gloves and clippers. National Trails Day was established by the American Hiking Society to celebrate the great trail systems throughout the United States and is an opportunity to meet up with other hiking enthusiasts.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of events going on throughout the country this weekend to celebrate the great outdoors. In Tennessee, events include sunrise hikes, waterfall hikes, snorkeling trips, night time hikes, trail maintenance treks and many more opportunities. Here’s a list from the American Hiking Society of events to celebrate National Trails Day in Tennessee and here’s the list for events by state.

Whether you’ll be fixing up trails or venturing out on your first hike, take some time on Saturday to appreciate the importance of our great natural resources.

You Know You Hike A Lot If…

March 8, 2012 in Hiking Community by amylaree

You know you hike a lot if...

You know you hike a lot if… the bookmark for your trail guidebook is a pair of bandages.