The Territory Markers

Ez O. and Coltrane

Territory Markers:  Ezra O. & Coltrane

This blog catalogs the hiking adventures of Nate, Amy and their dogs Ezra and Coltrane.  The blog started when Amy, a novice hiker, began dating veteran outdoorsman, Nate.  Now married, we’re continuing to explore the local (and not-so-local) trails that Tennessee has to offer.

Along for the hike are Ezra, our 100 lb Great American Mutt, and Coltrane our 50 lb Aussie mix.  Ezra’s epic breakdown on a suspension bridge gave us a new perspective on how some trails are dog friendlier than others and is part of the inspiration for this blog.

Stopping along the trail. 

Our dog friendly trail rating system is designed to give a more rounded perspective on the great trail guides that are already out there.

Since our focus is local trails, our guidebook of choice is the 3rd Edition of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Nashville by Johnny Molloy.  We’re also keeping a running list of all of the territories we’ve marked.



6 thoughts on “The Territory Markers

  1. Hey Amy, Nate, Ezra, and Coltrane,

    Looks like you’ve got a pretty cool blog here. I love the fact that you include dog friendliness ratings on your trail reports. That hits home with us as it’s rare when we don’t have Clover with us on the trail. If you ever have questions about trails here in East Tennessee, don’t hesitate to ask.

    • amylaree says:

      Tim – Thanks so much! It’s been a lot of fun compiling all the posts. And we’ll definitely go to Appalachia & Beyond when we head east next. It’s such a great mix of info that you’ve compiled. I’ve also added it to our blog roll so everyone can easily find you! Thanks so much and keep in touch. – Amy

  2. Nice blog! I was more of a novice before I married my husband too! I hadn’t camped in a tent or been on more than a mile hike. Isn’t it wonderful when we are introduced to wonderful new worlds by our spouses?

    • amylaree says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jessica! Love what you guys are doing at The Bionic Chronicles. Yes, introductions to new interests is definitely a major bonus of marriage. Looking forward to following you guys!

  3. Jeff VanDyke says:

    The dog friendliness ratings are AWESOME and make it easy to ensure we can have our 70 lb. dog accompany us on hikes. THANK-YOU!

    • amylaree says:

      Thanks, Jeff! Yeah, most folks never would think about how the trails can be good (or NOT good) for different dogs… until you wind up with a 100 lb mutt stuck on a bridge! Thanks for checking out the blog – we appreciate your comment!

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