Natural Stride Joint Supplements for Dogs – GIVEAWAY!

January 17, 2014 in Gear Reviews by amylaree

Natural-Stride-GiveawayFor the last few months we’ve posted about our experience with Natural Stride’s Hip & Joint Supplements for dogs and what a difference it’s made for Ezra as he’s recovered from canine ACL surgery.

Like all dog lovers, it weighed heavily on us when Ezra’s recovery seemed to stall. He struggled to get up from sitting and was quickly fatigued just walking around the block. But that all stopped when we got the chance to try out Natural Stride’s Hip & Joint Supplement formulas.

Now it’s time for a chance to try it for yourself – for free! (Seriously, who can argue with that?!)

But first a recap of why we love Natural Stride and are extremely proud to write about our experience:

  • Within 12 days we saw a huge difference in Ezra’s mobility — especially his easy from sitting to standing positions
  • Game changing improvement in his rehab without use of anti-inflammatory drugs!
  • Regular Strength Chews and Vet Strength Chews options to help your dog depending on the severity of your dog’s joint pain
  • Affordable for ongoing, daily supplements
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee — seriously, where else can you find that type of commitment to the quality of a product?

It’s been one heck of a journey this last year of rehab for our 100 lb dog. There were times when we were very discouraged about the outlook for Ezra’s mobility and quality of life. We all want the best for our four legged best friends and it was frustrating that the things we were trying weren’t working.

natural-solutions-logoBut that all changed once we started Ezra on the Natural Stride Hip & Joint supplements for dogs. Our big hearted guy isn’t where he was pre-surgery, but Natural Stride has helped him regain a huge amount of mobility — and most importantly he’s enthusiastic spirit is back.


Natural Stride Hip & Joint Supplement

Natural Stride Hip & Joint Supplement

In addition to the giveaway (fill out the form below to register!), Natural Stride is offering a 20% discount on all online orders for Marking My Territory Readers through 3/31/14.  Just visit the Natural Stride Website use coupon code “TERRITORY20” for any product (canine, equine & human!).

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