Joint Supplements For Dog ACL Recovery #NaturalStride

December 19, 2013 in Gear Reviews by amylaree

Narrow path at Cummins Falls Trail

The good ol’ days – Ezra healthy & happy on the trail.

As I wrote about last month, this year we had quite a few ups and downs as we worked with Ezra to rehab his knee after his canine ACL tear. While he still gave endless full-body-lean-into-you-til-you-fall-over hugs, just as his knee was hobbled, so was his spirit. Is there anything sadder than a dog that’s lost his get-up and go? It was especially bad when we had to leave him behind when we went on day hikes. Oh, the look of betrayal and dismay he would give us as we drove away and he knew he couldn’t join… it was too much!

Fortunately around September, there was finally a light at the end of this dog joint pain tunnel. When we got to try Natural Strides Joint Solutions supplements we finally found the spark that helped Ezra begin to get back to his old self.

With at least 200% more of the amount of inflammation-fighting active ingredients as our previous vet-recommened supplement, Natural Stride was the game changer in Ezra’s battle with his canine ACL recovery. With all the side effects that come from anti-inflammatories, we were grateful to exchange those pills for these new supplements. That was especially true after we got back a round of blood work that showed elevated levels in his liver. Yikes!

We let a couple of weeks lapse before ordering another round of the powder form of the supplement, but just as we were about to order the new batch, we received Natural Stride’s Hip & Joint Dog Chews. Just like the first time we started the powders, within about 10 days we saw the Ezra again become stronger. Now 3 months on with our Natural Stride regimen, Ezra continues to show improvement in strength, endurance and ease getting up and down.

natural-solutions-logoThe new Hip & Joint Chews are a convenient substitute for the powder and available in Regular Strength Chews and Vet Strength Chews. While we had no problem getting Ezra to lap up every speck of the powder form of the supplement, the chewable supplement is a lot more convenient. However, is is pretty hard and dense – more of a “crunch” than a “chew.” We just drop the chew in Ezra’s bowl of dry food and he eats it up with no problem, but if you’re concerned about the hardness of the chew, Natural Stride recommends microwaving it for a few seconds before giving it to your dog.

Natural-Stride-ChewsWhile it only took a few weeks to see the positive impact Natural Stride Hip & Joint Chews had on our aging pet with joint issues, the company offers a 60 day money back guarantee. None of the other supplements that we tried for Ezra had that type of guarantee – it’s a pretty impressive endorsement from the company that shows how strongly they believe in their product.

And because they want to keep the joints of dogs in all ages and stages healthy, Natural Stride is offering a 20% discount on all online orders for Marking My Territory Readers through 3/31/14.

Just visit the Natural Stride Website use coupon code “TERRITORY20” for any product (canine, equine & human!).

Tired of me yammering on about how much we love Natural Stride? Well they want to hear from you. Fill out this quick and simple survey on joint supplements, enter your email and get a free sample!

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