Product Review: Brown Beggars & The 144

September 30, 2013 in Gear Reviews by amylaree

Brown Beggars Sampler.

Brown Beggars Sampler.
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Ezra and Coltrane go bonkers when the UPS truck rolls up. You’ll find them up in arms with their mighty barks hoping to chase away the pesky delivery guy… but after we received two packages from SitStay, they may be changing their tune about the men & women in brown.  The arrival of the Brown Beggars Sampler and The 144 had them drooling and all too eager for the UPS guy’s next delivery.

The Brown Beggars Sampler and The 144 are two unique and impressive treat packages from the folks at SitStay. Aside from the packaging (which is adorable and surprising(!) – I thought we were getting architectural schematics from the long tube that arrived), the treats themselves are wholesome and far from the run of the mill stuff we usually find in the treats section of the pet store.

The Brown Beggars Sampler comes customized based on your dog’s size. Since Ezra and Coltrane are large and in charge, we got  the goodies for the large breed dogs, and what goodies they were! The sampler consists of 15-20 natural deli-style  bones, chews, patties & jerky (I think our sampler had 19 items – including pig ears!). There were half a dozen patties, several types of jerky and quite a few large bones — which Coltrane promptly began hoarding.

Brown Beggars Sample Pack

A few of the goodies in our Brown Beggars sample pack – those are pig ears in the middle!

Coltrane is a big chewer so the bones were a big hit with him. I gave each dog a chance to try out a few treats then went inside for a while. When I came back, they were both still chewing on the bones – it’s rare that we find a chew that lasts more than 3 minutes for Coltrane. My one concern with the samples that we received is that a few of the flat pieces (they were jerky items, I think) were a little tough on Ezra’s gums. He has sensitive gums and I did notice a little bleeding as he chewed on the flat piece, but it wasn’t really a cause for concern.

The 144

“Where will it end?!” Ezra wonders as he tries to swipe one of the strands of jerky from The 144.

In addition to the deli-style treats, we also received a package of Jump Your Bones Loin of Albacore Tune. And holy crazy dog! Ezra went berzerk for these treats. These seemed to be separate from the big bag of deli treats, but they were nonetheless a huge hit.

The next portion of our UPS delivery came in a long tube that I’m more accustomed to seeing filled with maps and posters instead of dog treats. But that’s where the 144 gets its name from – 144 inches of jerky goodness. The 144 consists of four, three-foot snap jerky sticks. We snapped off pieces and used these as behavior reinforcement training treats as well as their “go to bed” treats.

Overall, we were really pleased with SitStay’s Brown Beggars Sampler and The 144. In a time when there are so many different pet food recalls because of crazy over processing, it’s reassuring to know that we’re giving our dogs good stuff.

And it’s affordable. The Sampler runs $10.75 – $16.26 (varies based on the size of your dog) and The 144 is currently priced at $15.99 (that’s only $.11/inch!). We’ll definitely be ordering more of these treats and I’ve already got in mind that this will be our gift when friends or family gets a new dog.


Pretty much sums up how Coltrane felt about his first Brown Beggar Sampler experience.


A very happy dog with a very big bone.

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