Colorado Hiking Trip Recap

August 8, 2012 in Colorado Hiking Trails by amylaree

Glass Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

Glass Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado Hiking Trip

As Nate wrote in the last weekend destination, last week we traded in the oppressive humidity of the south for crisp Rocky Mountain air.

Over six days we hit up 5 hikes, covered 30 miles, climbed and descended 7,000+ feet of elevation, summited 1 14′er, and took seemingly 5,000 pictures. We’ll post detailed trail reviews in the coming weeks, but here’s a quick overview of our some of the great spots we hit in the Rocky Mountains:

  • St. Mary’s Glacier – Our first quick stop off of I-70 near Idaho Springs provided a nice chance to stretch our legs and test out how well our lungs would handle the elevation.
  • Jess Weaver Trail – We found this trail just outside of Glenwood Springs at the recommendation of a local hiker. Off the beaten path with few other hikers, the creekside trail was beautiful.
  • Grays Peak – Our first 14′er! Grays Peak was an adventure in thin air hiking and our greatest elevation challenge of the week. It was a long challenge with rewarding and magnificent views.
  • Sky Pond and Lake of Glass - We hit up the trail to Sky Pond at Rocky Mountain National Park the day after Grays Peak. Lakes, waterfalls and breathtaking mountain vistas made this challenging trail an instant favorite.
  • Dream Lake and Emerald Lake- The last trek at Rocky Mountain National Park was a little easier on our legs, but nonetheless beautiful. This last day of mountain lakes and pine scented air was the perfect cap to a great week of hiking.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting formal trail reviews, but until then, check out Marking My Territory’s Colorado Hiking Preview Album on Facebook for sneak peek at our adventures!