Make Your Plans! National Trails Day is June 2nd.

May 30, 2012 in Hiking Community by amylaree

National Trails Day

Make your plans for June 2

We’ve been hitting the trails pretty solidly the last several weeks, but in honor of National Trails Day, this Saturday we’ll trade in our hiking shoes for work gloves and clippers. National Trails Day was established by the American Hiking Society to celebrate the great trail systems throughout the United States and is an opportunity to meet up with other hiking enthusiasts.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of events going on throughout the country this weekend to celebrate the great outdoors. In Tennessee, events include sunrise hikes, waterfall hikes, snorkeling trips, night time hikes, trail maintenance treks and many more opportunities. Here’s a list from the American Hiking Society of events to celebrate National Trails Day in Tennessee and here’s the list for events by state.

Whether you’ll be fixing up trails or venturing out on your first hike, take some time on Saturday to appreciate the importance of our great natural resources.