Yellow Mountain Trail at Cooper Creek Scenic Area

June 7, 2011 in Georgia Hiking Trails by amylaree

View from our cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia
View from our cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Memorial Day weekend finally gave us an excuse to skip out on basement construction for a few days and get out of town to meet up with friends for a few days in Northern Georgia.  We joined up with everyone at a cabin just outside of Blue Ridge, Georgia and enjoyed plenty of BBQ, brews & baked goods (I’m trying out goodies that I’ll be making for the wedding.  Fortunately, everyone agreed to taste test.).

We were also able to get out for a little hiking.  Had we planned better, perhaps we wouldn’t have spent so long driving around trying to figure out where the trail head for the Yellow Mountain Trail.  The trail, located in the Cooper Scenic Area of the Chattahoochee National Forest, is tucked away on side roads… and if you’re trying to find it on your iPhone (like we were) you’re gonna have a tough time once service drops not far into this nat’l forest.

Yellow Mountain Trail

Finally found the trailhead!

Once we did find it, the trail made sure to wear us out pretty quickly!  Since it took so long to find it, we opted to only do half of the trail… which was good because the incline + heat wore us out pretty quickly.  Since we didn’t do the entire thing, here’s a brief ratings overview:

  1. Scenery:  3.0
  2. Difficulty:  3.0
  3. Length:  ~2.5 miles
  4. Dog Friendly Factor: 2.5
  5. Convenience:  1
  6. Bonus Funtimes: 3.5
The Cooper Creek Scenic area, as we learned as we drove and drove and drove trying to find the trial, has lot of great family-friendly camping, fishing and hiking opportunities.  Also, the drive out to the area is very pretty and if you’re a motor cyclist (or bicyclist) this is a great area to explore.
memorial day campers

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