Lakeside Trail at Hamilton Creek Park

February 5, 2011 in Tennessee Hiking Trails by amylaree

Basement renovation

Home renovations & hiking don’t mix…

We’ve been in heavy construction mode at the house (the basement needs a whole lotta love these days), so we’ve needed to keep our outings close to home, which has limited the hiking options lately.  In early February, we tried out the Lakeside Trail at Hamilton Creek Park with hopes that is would be a much more enjoyable experience than we had when we tried it’s sister trail, the Pinnacle Trail.  As it turned out, it really wasn’t.

Like the Pinnacle Trail, the Lakeside Trail near Percy Priest Lake was developed for mountain biking, which really doesn’t make for the most enjoyable hiking excursion.  The map in the guide book looked like two pretty straight forward loops, but in fact this trail is rife with switchbacks, which made it another frustrating back-and-forth experience.  If you’re into biking, this is probably a great trail for you… if you’re into hiking, check out this review of the Pinnacle Trail to get a decent rundown of what to expect from the Lakeside Trail.


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