Perimeter Trail

April 4, 2010 in Tennessee Hiking Trails by amylaree


Creekside daffodils

This balmy Easter Sunday was the perfect day for venturing out to the Perimeter Trail at Bowie Park in Fairview.  With a high in the upper 70s and spring starting to burst into color throughout the state, we opted for a nice 5 mile hike, which allowed us plenty of time to enjoy the day… and for me to stumble into my first sunburn of 2010.

  1. Scenery:  2.0
  2. Difficulty:  1.5
  3. Length:  5 miles
  4. Dog Friendliness: 4.5
  5. Convenience:  2
  6. Bonus Funtimes: 2
Redbuds in bloom

Redbuds blooming

Scenery (2.0 out of 5.0):  At times, this trail was quite reminiscent of Montgomery Bell’s North Loop, with plenty of pine vegetation and a nice mix of trees and quiet little hollows.  While similar in some regards, this trail lacked the impressive hills and valleys of MB’s North Loop.  The trail and also kept path with some big TVA power lines that cut swathes through the terrain.  What was particularly refreshing about this trail were the burgeoning hints of spring.  Click on the thumbnail to the right for a great shot of the redbuds in bloom.

There were also several nice creeks that broke up the hike and changed up the scenery with impressive rockwalls paired with the sound of clear, shallow streams flowing.

Perimeter Signage

Perimeter Trail

Difficulty (1.5 out of 5.0):  Aside from a couple of moderate climbs, this trail was easy and enjoyable.

Length: 5 miles

Convenience (2.0 out of 5.0):  Although easy to get to with well-marked signs, the 45 minute drive made this hike more out of the way than many others we’ve found near Nashville.

Ezra cooling down

Dog Friendliness (4.5 out of 5.0):  Just as this trail turned out to be pretty easily for Nate and me, Ezra rocked the trail like an ace trail master.

The first part of the trail had very little shade, which caused him to heat up a little early on, but once we entered the more canopied areas, he was in territory marking heaven.  As a dog that would rather lounge outside in 20 degree weather than swelter in 75 degree “heat,” he was especially keen to take advantage of the well-placed creeks and took plenty of time to soak himself for a few cool downs in the streams.

Creative Picnic Signage

Bonus Funtimes (2.0 out of 5.0):  Bowie Park reminded me in some ways of Shelby Park in East Nashville, except with a playground that puts just about anything that’s not in Disneyland to shame.  The park, in which the trail begins and ends, is dotted with a few nice sized ponds.

We also had our choice of shaded picnic tables to enjoy our Easter Dinner, a holiday-friendly ham & cheese sandwich feast.   It was this park area that garnered the trail our first “family friendly” categorization.   The park was very well kept and there were families of all shapes and sizes enjoying the playground, ponds and picnic areas.

Hall Cemetery

Hall Cemetery

We also passed by a small bit of history while on the trail, a small cemetery that seems to have been there the better part of the last two centuries.  The cemetery is called Hall Cemetery and was renovated by the Sons of Confederate Veterans… although I’m not sure what all the renovation entailed, seeing as that all but one of the gravestones were unmarked, it was a peaceful spot.

Purple Flower groundcover

Fields of color.

Bradford Pear in bloom.

Bradford Pear in bloom.









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