Volunteer Day Loop Trail at Long Hunter State Park

February 21, 2010 in Tennessee Hiking Trails by amylaree

Shady Trail at Long Hunter State Park

Shady spots along Percy Priest Lake

Our afternoon at Long Hunter State Park was well-timed with a rogue February spring day full of sunshine and 65 degree weather. The Volunteer Day Loop Trail, which skims along the shoreline of Percy Priest Lake, surprised us with plenty of scenic lake views and benches at all the right stops that invited us to sit and plot out summer picnicking and kayaking excursions. Trail Rating Summary:

  1. Scenery: 3.0
  2. Difficulty: 1.0
  3. Length: 4.0 miles
  4. Convenience: 4.0
  5. Dog Friendliness: 5.0
  6. Bonus Funtimes: 4.0


Trail Map:


Volunteer Trail at Long Hunter State Park

Volunteer Trail at Long Hunter State Park

Scenery (3 out of 5): Lakeviews dominate the scenery of this trail, so much so that we ventured off trail to walk along the shore for a good part of our hike. When on the trail, the trees provided the promise of plenty of green once spring rolls around. These leafy trees also make this a great year-round trail, plenty of shade to help keep things cool when the oppressive nature of July and August roll around.

Difficulty (1 out of 5):  This trail had a few small climbs, but nothing that made either of us break a sweat.

Length:  4 miles

Convenience (4 out of 5):  An easy drive from East Nashville, it took us about 25 minutes to reach the trail parking lot… including a speedy exit from the Mount Juliet exit on 40, an overwhelming area that Nate refers to as Consumerism Mecca.  Once out of that area, the highway makes an ideal strip for a Sunday afternoon drive.

Dog Friendliness (5 out of 5):  Plenty of watering holes and streams kept the pup well hydrated and the ease of trails made it an ideal area for him to try to drag us along.

bluff views at Long Hunter State Park

Bonus Funtimes (4 out of 5):  Perhaps the biggest surprise on this hike was discovering all the great options this area has to offer.  Whether you want an afternoon on the beach or prefer to swim in shaded coves, this trail provides easy access to both.  And if you’re into fishing, there were plenty of people casting lines.  This trail also links in with a longer trail for overnight camping and when the 4th of July rolls around, there are plenty of spots to set up a picnic and watch fireworks from Nashville Shores and the surrounding areas.  Plus, as an added bonus, once temperatures warm up, Long Hunter and Percy Priest Lake will make a great spot for me to test the waters when Nate attempts to teach me how to kayak.

(note: forgot to bring my camera on this trail, so these are pics i swiped from the webernet.)


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