Greeter Falls at Savage Gulf

November 28, 2009 in Tennessee Hiking Trails by amylaree

On our way back to Nashville from a turkey-filled Thanksgiving in Chattanooga, Nate pulled off of I-24 to make a couple of short trail pit stops in the Savage Gulf area.  Word on the street is that Savage Gulf offers up some a good backpacking trails.  On this post-turkey-binge day, however, we opted for the easy routes.

Our first stop was at Greeter Falls at the far western edge of Savage Gulf.

upper greeter falls

Upper Greeter Falls

  1. Scenery:  3
  2. Difficulty:  2
  3. Length:  1.8 miles
  4. Ezrability: 2
  5. Convenience:  1
  6. Bonus Funtimes: 3
upper greeter falls wide view

Upper Greeter Falls in full view


Trailhead:  35.438855  -85.69771

Scenery (3.5 out of 5):  This area is full of beautiful trees, ravines and (as the name may hint at) waterfalls.  We made the hike down to Upper Greeter Falls, a beautiful area with plenty of boulders that made a prime spots for plopping down, taking in the view and enjoying the sound of the water tumbling over the small falls.  Rumor has it that Lower Greeter Falls is pretty impressive, too.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see for ourselves as we encountered  a wee bit of an Ezra obstacle on the path to the lower part of the river.

Difficulty (2 out of 5):  The hike back up this trail definitely left us a little winded, but since the hike was less than 2 miles, it wasn’t much of a problem at all.  There were a few spots that were a little rocky, which wouldn’t have been much of an issue, except my 90 lbs dog was a little eager to drag me down the trail.  Once he finally tired out, all things were much easier.

Length:  1.8 miles

greeter falls stairs

Ezra’s staircase of death… that we opted not to test out.

Ezrability (2 out of 5):  The hike started out quite promising and we were looking forward to taking in the views of both the lower and upper falls, that is until we encountered a decidedly non-Ezra-friendly staircase.  Had it not been for the staircase, this trail would’ve rated very high on dog friendliness… however, we opted not to see how a panicked 90 lb dog would respond to a wobbling, narrow spiral staircase.

Convenience (1 out of 5): If you’re on the way to or from Chattanooga, these trails make a nice stop off, but other than that, they’re definitely out of the way for the typical Nashville drive around town.

Bonus Funtimes (3 out of 5):  With easy access to so many trails at Savage Gulf, there’s plenty to find to do in this area.  On this specific trail, there are also plenty of spots to jump in and cool down with a midday swim.  And if you don’t have a dog that’s painfully afraid of heights & anything that’s not solid ground, you may even get a chance to check out the Lower Greeter Falls and the swimming spots down there, too.

lower greeter falls

View of Lower Greeter Falls… although we can’t verify from personal experience.

Note: Forgot my camera on this trip, so all images are swiped from the other online sources.







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